The new parking garage was placed into service on April 4, 2018.

The new garage includes:

  1. 229 spaces on the upper level, with 7 ADA accessible spaces.

  2. 145 spaces on the lower level, with 5 ADA accessible spaces and 5 motorcycle spaces.

  3. The facility is limited to 7' 6" for vehicles, except for the 26 spaces nearest Nulton Rd that runs behind the garage along the brick wall.

  4. There are 8 parallel parking spaces on Nulton Rd.

  5. There are 11 parallel parking spaces on Decatur Rd.

  6. There are 21 diagonal parking spaces on Parker Lane. While 16 of these 21 spaces will be reserved for NGIS guests, Truxton Rd in its entirety will be reserved for faculty, staff and guest parking.

  7. The garage is equipped with dynamic motion sensor lighting. It increases lighting levels as pedestrians and vehicles transit in or atop the garage.

Best Access to the Garage (Looking Down on Upper Level)

Note: in the drawings below, the number in the Red Boxes corresponds to the paragraph number to the left.


  1. Approaching from either direction on Decatur Rd, turn onto Balch Rd.

  2. Decide to enter the lower level of the garage or proceed to the upper level. Balch Rd is TWO WAY: you may turn either way on exiting.

  3. Turn left to the upper level. Nulton Rd is ONE WAY only, so if you pass this point, you must Circle Worden Field via Upshur or Rodgers Rd.

  4. There are 4 main and 2 end aisles. All are TWO WAY. It is most efficient to turn up the first aisle and proceed in a serpentine manner to select a parking place. One can circle back to depart by turning right onto Balch Rd.

  5. Alternately depart via turning left on Parker Lane. This is ONE WAY back towards Decatur Rd.


  1. 5 ADA spaces and elevator are located at Stair 2.

  2. Emergency phones are located at Stairs 1 and 2 with direct dial access to Security/Dispatch.

Garage Lower Level Layout

  1. Enter Lower Level from Balch Rd. Sight lines are limited and there is a mix of vehicles and pedestrians. Do not exceed 5 MPH.

  2. There are 3 main and 2 end aisles. All are TWO WAY. It is most efficient to proceed straight observing both the center parking areas and outer areas to select a parking space.

  3. Based on observation, make a decision to turn either direction to the most available parking spaces. Beware of other vehicles and pedestrians.

  4. 3 of the 5 ADA spaces are located at Stair 2 & 4, as is the elevator with access to the sidewalk level on Parker Lane.

  5. 2 of 5 ADA spaces and motorcycle parking (within the stair tower) are located at Stair 1 with access to the sidewalk level on Balch Rd.

  6. Three motorcycle spaces and Stair 3 are located there.


  1. 4 Emergency phones are located on this level with direct dial access to Security/Dispatch.

  2. There are 11 20lb fire extinguishers distributed on this level. They are for emergency use only to secure safe exit from the garage. If a fire occurs, use an emergency phone or call 410-293-3333 via cell immediately. Do not attempt to fight a fire alone.


Updated: September 16, 2019
Curator: Ed Moore