It is with deep sadness that I post the notice of the passing of our dear friend and freedom fighter, Stephen Robert Bach. Stainless Steve, as he was known throughout the many organizations and patriotic groups to which he belonged passed peacefully in his sleep this morning with his sons at his bedside.

Stephen always spoke proudly of his heritage as a direct descendant of the famous composer, Johan Sebastian Bach and his time at the US Naval Academy. He also held national records in swimming during the 1960's that remained unbroken for many years, and an MD degree from Stanford University Medical School before returning home to help out at the family business, Pete Bach Electric.. Always conscious of his imposing 6'6" stature and above average weight, Stephen would routinely take care to sit down considerately before engaging in conversations with others. Stephen was gifted with both a genius level IQ and a photographic memory which made him a walking data base of law and court decisions related to firearms as well as many other subjects. Twice in his lifetime, he was arrested on false firearms charges and twice his records were expunged, concealed carry permits, seized firearms and ammunition all returned to him from the offending Oregon law enforcement agencies on order of the courts.

He assumed the moniker of "Stainless Steve" based upon his unmatched collection of firearms and other weapons (many of which he designed himself) made entirely of stainless steel in an effort to eliminate the difficulties presented by corrosion.

Sadly, Stephen died due to entirely treatable chronic medical conditions. Had he chosen to be compliant and allow care in a timely manner from those of us who tried to encourage him to seek care/accept care, he could have lived another 10-20 years. Stephen was finally emergently hospitalized via his own request to 911 on Thursday, 2/25/2010, approximately 2 weeks after suffering a heart attack at his home for which he had refused any treatment.

During his brief hospital stay, he remained alert and we would like to sincerely thank all of his friends who took time out of their busy schedules to pay a final visit to Stephen despite the beautiful weekend weather. Your friendship and visits meant so much to Stephen.

Stephen did tell the RN yesterday morning that he would be dying today. Clearly, he kept his word to the very end.

I have tried to assist Stephen's eldest son in providing notice to Stephen's many friends and acquaintances. Please forgive us if you have not received a personal phone call or email with this news as it does not indicate any intent on our part to exclude you. It most likely means that in all the confusion normally associated with events of this type, we were probably unable to locate your phone number or your line was busy.

No services are currently planned as Stephen told me on Thursday, "just burn me the cheapest you can."

In lieu of flowers, however I know that Stephen would most appreciate your continued support of the US Constitution (as it was originally intended), the Bill of Rights (with special emphasis on the Second Amendment), our servicemen and women and above all your continued patriotism to our country whose future is increasingly at risk.

Stephen's family has requested privacy at this difficult time, however you may feel free to contact me directly at 503-998-5109 with any individual questions or concerns that arise.

As much as he aggravated so many of us with his excessively long and technically precise detailed explanations for even the simplest yes/no questions, I know we will miss him.

Updated: September 11, 2018
Curator: Ed Moore