We all know that Grant took Richmond in 1865 and the Mississippi River (Vicksburg) in 1863, but few know that Grant also took Pennsylvania, Georgia and the Danube River a few years later! The pictures below provide the proof! The first picture is Grant Thorpe (5th Co) with his second in command, Frank Wurst (5th Co) taking the Appalachian Trail to total victory in Pennsylvania!! Onward to Gettysburg!!

The second picture shows Grant's Cavalry Forces, led by native Georgian Chuck Lewis (5th Company) just before they completed their reconnaissance of Atlanta! The two troopers to the left are riding buddies of Chuck. Grant has since named his ride "Traveller"!

The final picture shows Grant relaxing in Nuremberg, during his conquest of the Danube River by riverboat! The picture was taken by cruise-mate Gino Marchetti (7th Company) to document this historic occasion of Grant succumbing to the Rack Monster in Germany! Note the total attention and pride shown by Kathy towards Grant in this photo! Here's looking at you, kid!!


Updated: June 12, 2018
Curator: Ed Moore