Dick Folga (1st Company) (click to read news article and view videos) dedicates the Pensacola Veterans Memorial Park "Walk of Honor" for the USNA Alumni Association Pensacola Chapter. Above are the bricks honoring the three USNA Class of 1970 alumni.

The Pensacola USNAAA Chapter has a new project to honor deceased alumni in the Pensacola area. The Chapter has partnered with the Pensacola Veterans Memorial Park to have a separate "Walk of Honor" honoring deceased USNA alumni. This is a special section of bricks dedicated to those individuals who were Pensacola residents. The Veterans Park is a first-class facility and an icon for the city. Rich Folga (1st Company) coordinated with the respective wives and Companies for Dean Legidakes (1st Company), Jack Kauffman (5th Company) and Stuart Powrie (26th Company) to arrange for the above pictured bricks to be funded, designed, manufactured and installed in the Pensacola Veterans Memorial Park "Walk of Honor".


Updated: December 18, 2019
Curator: Ed Moore