14th CO recreated their "famous elevator picture", found in the '70 Lucky Bag, at the annual Army Navy game gathering. The Fighting 14th has been gathering annually since 1999 to watch THE GAME at various locations throughout the US. This year they gathered in San Diego CA, hosted by Mark & Val Crisson. Next year they'll travel to Colorado Springs, CO for the game, hosted by Mike & Joan Lowe. Go Navy Beat Army!

If anyone has problems mapping those in the 2017 photo back to the 1970 photo, JJ provided the following:

Top Row (Left to right): Mark Crisson, Rick Purcell, Larry Moore, Bob Pacenta, Terry McKinsey

Middle row (Left to right): Mike Lowe, TR Brown, Bill Fetzer, JB Hart

Bottom row (Left to right): JJ Sullivan, Chet Strait, Bill Chambers, Greg Stiles

Updated: December 10, 2017
Curator: Ed Moore