Roy Golez ’70 (of the 23rd Company) had dinner with Dave McCampbell ’70 (31st Company) and wife Sherry at the historic Manila Hotel. Dave and Sherry visited Roy in the Philippines after crossing the Pacific from Florida over the past 7 years and 30,000 miles, just the two of them in their cruising sailboat S/V Soggy Paws. Roy was awed by their sea stories! They plan to travel in the Philippines and SE Asia over the next couple of years before moving further west. Roy thinks that with that sailing record, which beats Magellan’s and Columbus's in distance, time and audacity, Dave and Sherry should be given the All-Time Mariners Award by Shipmate and the USNAAA. Roy also plans to visit Dave and Sherry sometime early next year in their home base off Samal Island in the Southern Philippines, maybe sail with them overnight and show off his residual skills in knockabout sailing learned from Plebe Summer of 1966. Roy is on a three-year sabbatical from government service after serving for 18 years as a Philippine congressman, three years as national security adviser and several years as postmaster general.

Updated: March 20, 2015
Curator: Ed Moore