79 Years 78 Years 77 Years 76 Years
Johnny Griffin, 18th Co Dan McKenna, 14th Co Rod Anderson, 24th Co Jack Kauffman, 5th Co
Doug Alexander, 18th Co Lawrence White Michael Shea, 27th Co Gordon Jackson, 10th Co
Martin Shadday, 35th Co Lamar Sizemore, 15th Co
Robert McElroy, 1st Co Randolph Kehr, 24th Co
Kerry Smith, 25th Co
Charles Grueser, 29th Co
Denny Williams, 32nd Co
Joseph Marlia
Doug Traver, 9th Co
Gordon Jones, 22nd Co
Rick Farley, 30th Co
Mike Oliver, 30th Co
Paul Hurd, 6th Co
Edward Klemm, 29th Co
Bert Freeman, 1st Co
David Lucka, 2nd Co
Leslie Gifford, 27th Co
Wil Hollowell, 30th Co
Jeff Stanley, 6th Co
William Dixon, 33rd Co
Patrick Maloney, 13th Co
Ed Tempesta, 6th Co

Note: All the italicized names are "In Memoriam" (click on the name to read available Obituaries).

Updated: July 14, 2024
Curator: Ed Moore