USNA Class of 1970 Widow Policy

Article 1 USNA Class of 1970 Membership and Objectives:

The U.S. Naval Academy Class of 1970 is a not-for-profit Maryland organization, incorporated and operated with the general purpose of organizing and operating programs and activities that perpetuate the friendships and associations formed by Members of the Class of 1970 as defined in our current Bylaws. Any person who was sworn in as a Midshipman on June 29, 1966, as a Member of the Brigade of Midshipmen, Class of 1970, at the Naval Academy, and any other Member of the Brigade of Midshipmen from a senior class who joined the Class of 1970, shall qualify as a Member of the Class of 1970. This population includes midshipmen who rolled back into 1970 from previous classes.

Article 2 Membership:

Original Members of the Class of 1970 are as described above in Article 1. The Class of 1970 extends this Membership to any spouse of a Member who is predeceased by her husband. That person automatically qualifies as and becomes a Member of the Class of 1970 and shall be afforded all the rights and privileges held by a Member, with the exception of holding office as a Class Officer.

Article 3 Purpose and Objectives of this Policy:

Widows of classmates are welcome and encouraged to participate in any and every event in which the Class is involved. The rights, privileges, and courtesies extended to this special and unique category of Class Membership are full and unencumbered. The Class is proud to extend other opportunities and benefits to this special class of Members. These specific opportunities include participation in a variety of Class events and activities as discussed herein. The purpose of this Addendum is to clarify Class policy on various conditions and circumstances under which these activities and events may occur.

Article 4 Widow Qualifications:

The Class recognizes and appreciates that there are many personal conditions under which widowhood occurred or may occur. This article identifies the qualifications and circumstances which need to be met by a widow to qualify as a Member of the Class of 1970 (a “Qualified Widow”) to be afforded all the rights and privileges held by a Member.

Article 5 Class Reunions and Tailgates:

Of all the events and activities in which the Class participates, the major draws are Class reunions (generally every 5 years), and home football games with Class tailgates. All widows and other family members of deceased classmates, all Honorary Members of the Class of 1970, and other guests of Members of the Class of 1970 are invited to participate and attend these events as guests of the Class. However, significant differences in policy are necessary between home game Class tailgates and Class Reunions, relative to the costs associated with guest participation.

Specifics regarding attending these events are discussed in more detail below.

This Policy was Approved by vote of the Class Officers on 15 April, 2021.


Edmund E. Moore
President, USNA '70       

Updated: June 23, 2021
Curator: Ed Moore