Policy to Become an Honorary Member of the Class of 1970

Article 1 Purpose: The purpose of these Guidelines and Criteria, created in accordance with the Class of 1970 By-Laws, is to provide policy, guidance, and criteria to be followed by those Class Members who may wish to nominate a person to be an Honorary Member of the Class. They shall further govern the process that the Class Officers and Board of Trustees shall follow when reviewing and considering any such nomination and before determining whether or not to grant approval of any such nomination.

Article 2 Qualifications: Any Member of the Class of 1970 may nominate as an Honorary Class Member any person, living or deceased, who has:

Article 3 Review and Approval of Nominations: A nomination shall be submitted to the President of the Class of 1970. The nomination shall include the nominee’s name, contact information (or family member contact information, if the nominee is deceased or incapacitated), and a brief justification (not to exceed one typed page) for the nomination (i.e., how the nominee qualifies based upon the criteria listed above). The nomination shall also include the name and contact information of the Class Member submitting the nomination.

Submitted July 1, 2018, to the Class Officers and Board of Trustees by: Barry L. Steelman '70, Member Board of Trustees

Approved by unanimous vote of the Class Officers on 25 July 2018.



Michael J. Novak
President, USNA '70       

Updated: June 23, 2022
Curator: Ed Moore