Lt. Richard Lee Thomas, USAFR, was killed 24 February 1972 when his jet trainer crashed near Reese AFB in Texas. He was buried in Arlington National Cemetery on 29 February.

Born in San Diego, Ca., he entered the Naval Academy with the class of 1970. He left the Academy in 1968 and entered the Air Force’s Officer Training School. He graduated 15 March 1971 and was assigned to Reese AFB for flight training. He was scheduled to graduate 16 March 1972. At the time of his death Lt. Thomas was on a routine solo flight.

Surviving are his widow, Carol; a daughter, Deena; a son, Richard Lee Jr., who was born six days after his father’s death; and his parents, Cdr. And Mrs. Charles S. Thomas, Jr., USN (Ret.) '39.

Updated: October 29, 2018
Curator: Ed Moore