Classmate and Friends, I have spent the last few years researching and developing issues regarding the divisiveness and dysfunction in our politics and governing, for a course that I taught in the Adult Lifelong Learning classes at Miami University (ILR) and at the University of Cincinnati (OLLI) and the University of Dayton (OLLI). I had over 250 students choose to take the course called "Getting Congress to Serve the Nation" from 6 campuses and 5 counties in Southwest Ohio. The student response was very positive and it encouraged me to try and express the content and in-class interactive environment in a book. The book has been written and published and is now available for pre-order on Amazon, with delivery on November 22.

The book is titled "American Turning Point: Repairing and Restoring Our Constitutional Republic". If you agree with almost 80% of Americans that our government is broken and is not serving the country, but is serving their own self- interests, partisan and major money donor interests, and have lost hope that there is any solution that "WE THE PEOPLE" have the power to influence, please consider reading the book. It provides unique but fact-based, unbiased, non-partisan SOLUTIONS, not just a rehash of problems, and it lays out a clear and practical road map to implement the solutions. It won't be easy, but it is possible.

Details of the book and endorsements I've received from early reviewers of the manuscript are listed on a new Facebook page, American Turning Point Book. I hope you'll check out the Facebook page and consider ordering the book during the pre-order period. If you care about not seeing a continuing slide into divisiveness and further away from unity, please consider joining the effort to change the rules of the political game and how we are governed.

Order the book at Amazon by clicking on the following link "American Turning Point".

Updated: October 14, 2021
Curator: Ed Moore