Just prior to the new year, CDR Robert “Bob” Casteel, II, USN, retired, (17th Company) was fortunate enough to accompany his son, then CDR Dave "Omed" Casteel, to the 2019 Liberty Bowl in Memphis, TN, where Navy narrowly defeated Kansas State, 20-17. During one of the TV timeouts in the second quarter, the two were called out on the field so that Bob could lead his son in the traditional officer promotion reaffirmation. Afterwards, Bob, celebrating his semicentennial as part of the class of ’70, gave his son his first salute as a Captain in front of 50,000 applauding fans. It was a day to remember and a continuing legacy as Bob became senior (in rank) to his father, EMC Robert Casteel, Sr., upon graduating from the Academy. Captain David Casteel, USN is currently serving at Navy Personnel Command, Millington, TN.

Updated: October 10, 2020
Curator: Ed Moore