USNA Class of 1970 Distinguished Graduates

Biography (Click for PDF File)    
Mr. Daniel F. Akerson (2012) Biographical Video  
Admiral Thomas B. Fargo USN (Ret.) (2013) Biographical Video  
Admiral Edmund P. Giambastiani USN (Ret.) (2014) Biographical Video  
Vice Admiral J. Cutler Dawson USN (Ret.) (2017) Biographical Video Acceptance Remarks
Mr. Steven S. Reinemund (2018) Biographical Video  

In Memoriam (Click for names of the 177 classmates that have gone before us.)

New: Guidelines and Criteria for USNA '70 Honorary Membership

USNA Class of 1970 History by Gary Knight

USNA Class of 1970 Statistics: (From Class History and USNAAA Database)

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USNA Class of 1970 Trident Scholars and Fields of Study

USNA Class of 1970 BY LAWS
In accordance with the Class of 1970 BY LAWS, Amendments to those BY LAWS (as annotated in Class of 70 BY LAWS) were approved by a majority of the Class Officers and two-thirds majority of the Class Board of Trustees.

USNA Class of 1970 Committee Organization

USNA Class of 1970 Annual Meeting Minutes

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