USNA Class of 1970 Distinguished Graduates:

On 13 May 2021 the USNA Alumni Association Distinguished Graduate Award Selection Panel, chaired by Admiral Jonathan W. Greenert ’75, USN, selected Kevin Woods Sharer (6th Co) as the sixth Distinguished Graduate from the Class of 1970. Kevin is a retired chairman and CEO of Amgen, former faculty member at Harvard Business School, commissioning engineer officer of MEMPHIS (SSN 691) and founding member, USNA Foundation Board of Directors. The formal medal ceremony will take place on Friday, 25 March 2022 at Alumni Hall.

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  • Terry Dailey, 33rd Company
  • Cutler Dawson, 2nd Company
  • Howard "Pat" Dawson, 27th Company
  • Terry Huff, 7th Company
  • Guy Knieriem, 9th Company
  • Dave Martin, 13th Company
  • Bob Sonnenberg, 11th Company
  • Barry Steelman, 32nd Company
  • Grant Thorpe, 5th Company
  • Carl Wick, 13th Company

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