75 Years 74 Years 73 Years 72 Years
S. Dupree Parker, 14th Co Gino Marchetti, 7th Co David Holmes, 11th Co
Alan Katz, 35th Co Mark Edwards, 26th Co
Kenneth Anderson, 36th Co
John Chandler, 17th Co
John Harrell, 27th Co
Paul Duncan, 36th Co
Patrick Savidge, 8th Co
Steve Reinemund, 25th Co
George Hodges, 26th Co
James Gregory
Richard Foley, 2nd Co
Ronald Hurd, 7th Co
Robert Lewis, 24th Co
Bruce Doubleday, 26th Co
James Pratt, 26th Co
Mark Tripp, 33rd Co
Don Cummins, 19th Co
Lew McIntyre, 3rd Co
Bill Webb, 10th Co
Paul Kondrick, 24th Co
David Lee, 26th Co
Lawrence Derrig, 32nd Co
Hank Shaw, 7th Co
Mike Cosgrove, 8th Co
Danny Fullerton, 22nd Co

Note: All the italicized names are "In Memoriam" (click on the name to read available Obituaries).

Updated: April 04, 2021
Curator: Ed Moore