77 Yeara 76 Years 75 Years 74 Years
John Perry, 31st Co John Kiersted, 12th Co Terry Manson, 12th Co Jack Missimer, 12th Co
Alex Callahan, 18th Co Claggett Upton, 15th Co Joe Henry, 20th Co
Randall Dennis, 18th Co Richard Martin, 19th Co Tom Fowler, 12th Co
David Ellison, 32nd Co Mike Johnston, 20th Co
Michael McGahan, 11th Co Dave Oberholtzer, 30th Co
Gerry Milligan, 33rd Co Robert Burton, 35th Co
Dan Murphy, 36th Co
Mark Spong, 6th Co
Robert Hartzell, 34th Co
Leo Williams, 3rd Co
Bill Stocko, 7th Co
George Halvorson, 19th Co
Neil Midkiff, 4th Co
Frank Wurst, 5th Co
Leonard Newman, 20th Co
Henry Murphy, 31st Co
Gary Dillon
Bill Fetzer, 13th Co
Michael Mangum, 33rd Co

Note: All the italicized names are "In Memoriam" (click on the name to read available Obituaries).

Updated: May 21, 2023
Curator: Ed Moore