78 Years 77 Years 76 Years 75 Years
Paul Bosselli, 23rd Co Es Marks, 32nd Co Tom Wolfe, 6th Co
Jon Johnson, 35th Co Andrew Meffen, 23rd Co
Fred Hall, 8th Co Fred Peck, 25th Co
Louis Hollier, 22nd Ernie Snowden, 6th Co
Patrick Lawless, 9th Co
Les Gable, 1st Co
Gregg Ertel, 5th Co
Rick Rickabaugh, 16th Co
Gregory Light, 21st Co
Russ Olson, 1st Co
Tom Marsillio, 11th Co
James Thurman, 19th Co
Norm Carley, 35th Co
Jonathon Weimer 3rd Co
David Frieden, 4th Co
Dow Needham, 18th Co
Jim Mady, 23rd Co
John Seward, 32nd Co

Note: All the italicized names are "In Memoriam" (click on the name to read available Obituaries).

Updated: September 24, 2023
Curator: Ed Moore