Remembering those, born this week, who have gone before us:(Click names below to view Obituary)

74 Years 73 Years 72 Years 71 Years
Edward Streiber, 22nd Co Brock McMunn 7th Co Steve Banat 23rd Co
Lloyd Eadie, 27th Co Lawrence Sheller 16th Co Steven Herndon 31st Co
Corson Allen 19th Co Scott Bulfinch, 17th Co
Richard Seaman, 10th Co John Flanagan, 32nd Co
Robert Smith Douglas Smith, 7th Co
Thomas Flaherty, 29th Co Gregory Koons, 8th Co
James Anderton, 33rd Co Joseph Guenter, 13th Co
Paul Zambernardi, 10th Co Joseph Skerbec, 25th Co
Ronald Lukat, 10th Co James Burgett, 28th Co
Charles Paddock, 32nd Co
John Meacham, 33rd Co
Robert Jennings, 36th Co
Jim James, 4th Co
David Kapla, 4th Co
Gary Bethke, 26th Co
Walter Bahr, 26th Co
Joseph Smitherman, 33rd Co
Larry Baucom, 4th Co
  Note: Italicized entries are In Memoriam.

Updated: September 15, 2019
Curator: Ed Moore