79 Years 77 Years 76 Years 75 Years
Craig Silverthorne, 16th Co John Sinkey, 24th Co Pat Dawson, 27th Co Dan Gonzalez-Dilan, 31st Co
Pete Caruso, 5th Co Dave Sorensen, 5th Co
Scott Douglas, 18th Co Richard Webb, 14th Co
Gary Nowlin, 22nd Co
Hugh Brown, 30th Co
George Felgate, 30th Co
Duke Dubia, 32nd Co
Jim Durham, 36th Co
Howard Skinner, 11th Co
Sandy Sanders, 6th Co
Roger James, 19th Co
Dan Ellison, 33rd Co
James Hoof, 16th Co

Note: All the italicized names are "In Memoriam" (click on the name to read available Obituaries).

Updated: May 19, 2024
Curator: Ed Moore