Mike Casey (21st Company) - Attends Daughter in Law's Change of Command with his Sons(06/17/22)

Rick Pilger's (12th Co) Daughter Abigail to Meet with Finder of Father's Class Ring, Lost in 1972 in Norway

Lew McIntyre (3rd Co) Authors book "Take Charge and Move Out - The Founding Fathers of TACAMO"

Bob Viney (24th Co) Authors book "American Turning Point: Repairing and Restoring Our Constitutional Republic"

Gino Marchetti (7th Co) Presents a Plaque to Mike Novak (30th Co) - For 10 years of Superior Leadership as USNA '70 Class President (04/16/21)

Bob Miller (10th Co) & Jim Schwenk (27th Co) - Presents USNA '70 Racing Shell to Crew Team (10/12/20)

Bob Casteel (17th Company) - Promotes Son CDR David Casteel during 2019 Liberty Bowl (10/10/20)

Cutler Dawson (2nd Company) - Authors Book "From the Sea to the C-Suite" (11/19/19)

Rich Folga (1st Company) - Attends the dedication of the Pensacola Veternas Memorial Park "Walk of Honor" (11/02/19)

Rick McGoey (23rd Company) - Pulls Off Rare Naval Academy Recruiting Trifecta (04/30/19)

Mike Lowe (14th Company) - Attends Son Christopher Lowe's Promotion to Captain, USMC (02/01/19)

Lenny Supko (8th Company) - MOAA Father's Day Salute to the Supko Family (01/07/19)

Al Rundle (8th Company) - Son Lt. Col Andrew Rundle, USMC Completes Final VMAQ-2 Deployment (11/14/18)

Diego Porras (3rd Company) - 3rd Company Gathers in Boston for July Dinner (07/20/18)

Mike Kain (5th Co) & Steve Klotz (21st Co) - Rendezvous in San Francisco (06/25/18)

John Marino (22nd Company) - 22nd Company Classmates Pay Final Respects at USNA Mass and Inurnment (07/13/18)

Roy Golez (23rd Company) - Roilo "Roy" Golez Laid to Rest with Full Military Honors in Philippines (06/18/18)

Mike Casey (21st Company) - Attends Michigan Parent's Club Picnic with Jamie Miller '20 (06/13/18)

Grant (5th Company) - Takes Pennsylvania, Georgia and the Danube River (06/12/18)

Gino Marchetti (7th Company) - Hosts Nathan Krstich (Grandson of Jeff '70) for USNA STEM Camp (06/02/18)

Bob Edmond (34th Company) - Bob Edmond Rides 70KM from Oceanside to San Diego on 70th Birthday (05/29/18)

Roy Golez (23rd Company) - Roy Golez meets with Dave and Sherry McCampbell in Manila (05/16/18)

Ted Tabb (8th Company) - Ted's wife provides USNA '70 Class Crest Embroidery via "Kathy's Stitches" (05/20/18)

Roy Golez (23rd Company) - Roy Golez meets with Lech Walesa (01/24/18)

Les Gable (1st Company) - Read the current "Midshipmen Regulations Manual" and compare to 1970 (02/04/18).

Dave McCampbell (31st Co) - Dave and Sherry McCampbell World Cruise Sailing on Soggy Paws (01/07/18)

JJ Sullivan (14th Co) - 14th Company "Before and After" Elevator Picture (12/10/17)

Will Bramlett (31st Co) and Phil Eslinger (10th Co) - A Tale of Two Smokestacks, Plebe Year and Some Paint (12/06/17)

Dale Stahl, Bob Christianson and Nubi Knudsen - Dale, Bob and Nubi Build a Luxury Treehouse in Rural VA (11/30/17)

Skip Deltete (27th Company) - Skip Deltete attends Son's Change of Command in San Diego(10/04/17)

Gary & Brenda Knight (13th Company) - Brenda Knight Rescued by Cajun Navy in Beaumont, TX (09/27/17)

Barry Steelman (32nd Company) - Barry Steelman and Classmates Attend AVA Lecture and Prize Award (07/11/17)

Skip Deltete (27th Company) - Skip Deltete Meets Lennin Pineda, ’20 during Honduras Scuba Trip (07/10/17)

George Sauer - George E. Sauer re-elected to the Chartway FCU Board of Directors for a three year term. (03/01/17)

Paul Zambernardi - Paul Zambernardi announced as New Executive Director of US Naval Sea Cadets Corps. (03/01/17)

Roy Golez (23rd Company) - Kent Blythe, Roy Golez and Lambert Heikes '71 in Southern Luzon, PI. (03/11/17)

Lew McIntyre (3rd Company) - Lew McIntyre has First Novel and Short Story Published (02/08/17)

Mike Kaine (5th Company) - Plans To Start Dupont Circle Business Improvement District (01/27/16).

Bob Herb and Rich Housh (5th Company) - Bob Herb and Rich Housh Rendezvous in Naples, FL (01/26/17)

Jack Johnson (14th Company) - Jack and Liz Johnson Tour China (Sep - Oct 2016)

Mike Casey (21st Company) - Mike Casey and Sons attend Son's Change of Command Ceremony in San Diego(12/03/15)

Jim Suhr (2nd Company) - Jim Suhr attends the Navy - Brown LAX Quarter Final in Providence(05/21/16)

Skip Deltete (27th Company) - Skip Deltete attends Son's Change of Command in San Diego(05/21/16)

Kim Foster (33rd Company) - Kim Foster has a Chance Encounter with '00 Grad in Antarctica (02/22/16)

Nick Pratt (3rd Company) - Nick Pratt has a Marshall Center Building Dedicated in his Honor (02/06/16)

Chuck Lewis (5th Company) - Chuck Lewis flew a private aircraft from Georgia to Bahamas. (01/26/16)

Gary Simpson (5th Company) - Gary Simpson appointed DOJ CEO for Federal Prison Industries (FPI). (01/26/16)

Dan Akerson (6th Company) - Dan Akerson accepts Corporate Leadership Award. (12/10/15)

Roy Golez (23rd Company) - Roy Golez & Mike Doolin (26 Company) met in Paranaque, PI. (11/25/15)

Chuck Lewis (5th Company) - Chuck Lewis climbs Mount Katahdin in Maine. (08/13/15)

Garrett Krstich, son of Jeff Krstich '70 (11th Company) started for SMU at QB against Navy (11/14/15).

Rich Housh and Dave Sulin (5th Company) - Rich and Dave reunite in Bangor, ME after 25 years (04/19/15)

Roy Golez - Roy Golez '70 and Joseph Leavitt '06 in Manilla, PI (04/07/15)

Dean Knuth - The High Heat Driver: The Longest Club You've Never Heard Of (1/27/15)

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