Skip Deltete's son Marc (CDR/USN) was relieved of Command of USS Higgins, DDG-76 (an Arleigh Burke Class Ballistic Missile Defense Guided Missile Destroyer) in a ceremony on 22 September 2017 in San Diego. Marc had just completed a very successful 17 month tour as Commanding Officer. A long way from from Skip's USNA Plebe summer in 1966…now he has to continue saluting his son!

Skip attended the Ceremony, with a VIP Seat and spectacular San Diego weather. A picture of Skip amd Marc is provided below. Marc is now headed to PACAIR in San Diego as OIC of N-91, their pre-Operational Reactor Safeguard Examination (ORSE) nuclear training/qualification team. Skip points out that "Marc’s too junior to go as a carrier Reactor Officer (RO), which is just as well since he wants a break from sea duty!"

Updated: October 04, 2017
Curator: Ed Moore