The Another Link in the Chain (ALITC) program was begun by the class of 1950 to essentially adopt and mentor the class of 2000 as that class began its four years at the Academy. Since then the Alumni Association (USNA AA) has taken over the program as one of its main events and each "senior class" works with USNA AA staff to provide assistance and e to the "junior class" during its time at Annapolis. As we head into the next four years of our involvement with the Class of 2020, there are several events and milestones that will mark our progress. A summary is provided below for your greater understanding of our class' involvement in the ALITC program. Your participation (and that of your spouse, since each class now includes approximately 25% women is strongly solicited in as many events as you can make.

Fourth Class Year

YouTube Videos of USNA 2020 Milestones:

Parents Club/Local Alumni Chapter Sendoff Lunches for 2020 Plebes

Most candidates receive their notifications shortly after 1 April. There are approximately 80 parents clubs around the country, and more than three dozen local alumni chapters. Many of these have "sendoff" lunches for appointed plebes.

The class will attempt to match these "sendoff" events with classmates living in the local area to represent our class and to introduce the incoming Plebes and their parents to our class and the ALITC program. Dave Martin ( for the East and Mike Lowe ( for the West have volunteered to match classmates with "sendoff" events; so if you're available and interested, please contact them.

Induction Day Welcome Aboard Picnic for Parents and Families of Plebes, June 30, 2016

Classmates were invited to attend, to share stories of our induction day, and to offer support and fellowship to the families of newly arriving plebes. We had a table set up to introduce the class to the parents and families, and we addressed the gathering for 3-5 minutes. Jerry Farrell requested items to be loaned for display at the class table (swords, rings, letter sweaters, B-robes, invitation letters, 1A draft notices, photos, etc.). The Class of 1970 donated class funds to cover picnic expenses. Classmates (and wives) wore ALITC polo shirts to this event. If you did not buy one, contact Gary Knight (, who has a very limited quantity for sale at cost. A complimentary lunch was provided for parents and participants.

Induction Day Oath of Office Ceremony

Ten classmates attended on the Superintendent's side, and fifty on the Commandant's side. The Class of 1970 has provided telephone calling cards for international students to call home, as well as the use of cell phones for new midshipmen unaccompanied by family members to call home-meeting them at the Mexican Monument on Stribling Walk.

Honor Coin Presentation Ceremony, July 18, 2016

A subcommittee of classmates designed an "honor coin" memorializing the connection between 1970 and 2020. On July 18, RADM Joseph G. Henry USN (ret.) '70 addressed the Class of 2020 on honor and commitment, and 50+ classmates and spouses attended to hand out this coin to the members of 2020 hand-to-hand (see pictures above).

Parade During Summer Training, August 13, 2016

Admiral Edmund P. Giambastiani '70, USN (RET) served as one of the reviewing officials. He was one of the 14 USNA '70 members, pictured below, that attended the parade along with 7 spouses.

Plebe Parent Weekend

12 - 14 August 2016. A limited number of members of the class will be invited to attend.

Sea Trials

16 May 2017. We will post 3 or 4 classmates at each apparatus/site to inspire and encourage the plebes.

Herndon Monument Climb

22 May 2017 at 1:30 PM. Up to fifty members and spouses (total) will have a reserved section to view the climb.

Youngster Year (2017/2018)

Youngster Year Tailgate Participation with USNA '70

During the 2017 football season, the Commandant's Office selected 10 to 12 members of the Class of 2020 to participate in the Class of '70 home tailgates, to further build upon the link between USNA '70 and USNA '20.

Participation in the RING Program

Opportunity for members of the class to donate their rings to be part of the gold that makes up the Class of 2020 rings during a ceremony held in Memorial Hall (24 April 2018). A short biography of each donor will be received by each member of the Class of 2020. When their class rings are "baptized" at the Ring Dance, members of the Class of 1970 will be in attendance. Bonds of Gold serves to connect the two classes.

Cathleen Connelly donates Grandmother's 1920 Miniature Ring to 2020 ALITC "Bands of Gold Program". (Click to view letter)

Youngster Luau (16 May 2018)

During graduation week the entire class met for an informal picnic in Smoke Park to celebrate being halfway through the Naval Academy. We were invited to join in the festivities. As the senior class, we assisted with financial support to provide refreshments, games, and/or activities.

Second Class Year (2018/2019)

Second Class Commitment Dinner

The 2020 Commitment Dinner was held in King Hall on 21 August 2018. Members of the Class of 2020 made their commitment to the Naval Academy for the final two years. 45 representatives of the Class of 1970 and 35 spouses sat amongst the midshipmen at their tables. Admiral Ed Giambastiani provided the keynote speech. Some pictures are provided below.

Second Class Ring Dance

The USNA Class of 1970 and significant others, pictured below, were able to attend the Class of 2020's Ring Dance and dip their class rings in the font containing waters from the seven seas. A great time was had by all!!

The pictures below provide a view of the Ring Dance action from the Dahlgren Hall balconey.

Pictured below provide are some of the Class of 2020 who attended the event.

First Class Year (2019/2020)

2019 Tailgates with The Class of 2020

Gino Marchetti and his crew put on a fantastic tailagate for all six 2019 home games, each of which were shared with about 10 to 12 members of the Class of 2020. A good time was had by one and all! Even better, Navy went 6 and 0 at home with great come from behind victories over Air Force, Tulane and SMU!

Navy 45 - Holy Cross 7 (31 August 2019)

Navy 42 - Eastern Carolina 10 (14 September 2019)

Navy 34 - Air Force 25 (05 October 2019)

Navy 35 - South Florida 03 (19 October 2019)

Navy 41 - Tulane 38 (26 October 2019)

Navy 35 - Southern Methodist 28 (23 November 2019)

Service Community Assignment Night

A limited number of classmates will be invited to attend dinner in King Hall in honor of service assignments provided earlier in the day, in November 2019. RADM Dan Bowler, USN Retired (lower left) wsa the guest speaker and drew USNA '20 cheers when he wore a '20 Jacket that was presented to him by their Class President.

Sword Donation Program

The class MAY want to participate in a program (not all previous classes have done so) that solicits Navy and Marine Corps swords from class members to be presented to outstanding members of the Class of 2020. The swords are collected by the class ALITC coordinator, refurbished by a vendor in Annapolis, and presented to the honored members of the Class of 2020 in a ceremony in Spring 2020.

Battalion Receptions

From three to six receptions will be held at Alumni House to offer first class midshipmen an opportunity to meet a handful of members of the Class of 1970 and their spouses as well as members of the Alumni Association staff. Usually on a Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday night, from late January to mid-March. One member of our class will address each gathering for three to five minutes.

Bar Presentation

By March 1, 2020, the Class of 1970 will provide the names of twelve presenters who will personally hand out engraved ENS/2LT bars at graduation. Usually, these twelve are selected from those members of our class that have been the most active in the ALITC program over the past four years. The class will also design an insert to be placed in each box of bars, working with USNA AA (Noreen Frenaye) on the design.

Graduation Brief

Wednesday, before graduation, the presenters will be introduced by CEO USNA AA. One presenter will address the Class of 2020 for three to five minutes.

Color Parade

A limited number of the Class of 1970 and spouses will be invited by USNA as determined by the Class ALITC Coordinator. The parade typically begins at 1100 on Worden Field.


The twelve presenters and their spouses will receive VIP seating invitations at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium. In the event of inclement weather, graduation will be held in Alumni Hall. In that case, only eight of twelve presenters will be able to present bars to the graduating class. Invitations will include security and a parking pass. Up to fifty other members of the Class of 1970 will receive tickets in a reserved section of the stadium.

Delayed Graduation

Usually in August and December, about six to ten midshipmen will receive their bars from a class representative. Other members of the Class of 1970 may observe the ceremony in Mahan or Memorial Hall.

'70 Another Link in the Chain Committee

Limited to 900 words, a truncated version of our class history that appeared in our 40th reunion book, will be printed in Reef Points for each member of the Class of 2020 to learn. Final text was provided to USNAAA in December 2015.

Updated: July 05, 2020
Curator: Ed Moore