Classmate Websites

Beatrice, Al - The American Eagle Mortgage Co., LLC

Beattie, Trip - Trip Beattie and Associates

Carter, Nick - Lewes Real Estate

DeLorey, Michael - Investment Advisory and Financial Planning Services

Demlein, John - Submarine Force Library and Museum

Finn, Neil - America's Finest City Half Marathon

Galdorisi, George - Military Author

Gottleib, Mike - Lacrosse illustration

Housh, Rich - plug smart - Intelligent Energy Solutions

Hughes, Jerry - Hughes River Expeditions (Idaho & Oregon)

Hull, Jim - Fine Art Gallery and Management Consulting

King, Pete - Team Perdido

Knight, Gary - Author and Consultant

Knuth, Dean - Everything about golf handicapping and more

Mackensen, Warren - Financial Planning Services & Database Software

Madey, Steve - The Hague Winery, Hague, VA

Mady, Jim - The Float Plan

McCampbell, Dave - Soggy Paws

McIntyre, Lew - Historical Fiction and other Works

Parlier, Cap - Books, writing & other stuff

Price, Rob - Frixo (Road Travel Reporting)

Schmidt, Bill - Angle Inc. - Systems & Software Engineering

Smith, William - William G. Smith Fine Arts (See and Purchase Bill's Artwork and Prints)

Steelman, Barry - Law Firm

Woo, Robert - Author's Home Site and Reliv Independent Distributor (Cardio Sential Ad)


Updated: June 01, 2023
Curator: Ed Moore