Roy Golez '70, Kent Blythe '70 and Lambert Heikes '71 had a get together in Laguna Province, Southern Luzon, Philippines. Roy is on sabbatical from politics and government after serving for 18 years in the Philippine Congress and three years in the cabinet. Kent is a regular visitor in the Philippines and has a residence in Subic where he intends to retire soon. He encourages classmates and fellow USNA grads to visit him especially those who spent months in Subic during their Navy days. Subic used to be the location of a big US Naval base and is now a bustling industrial zone. Lambert is now a permanent Philippine resident having found a home in Quezon Province in Southern Luzon. He is spending his retirement days tending a vegetable farm in rural Quezon. Being a farm boy in Minnesota before going to Annapolis, Lambert has gone back to the farm and he in fact gave Kent and Roy an impromptu seminar on organic farming and the health benefits of organic vegetables. The three spent hours discussing "good old times".

Updated: February 25, 2017
Curator: Ed Moore