Elliott and Michael Steelman Designated Honorary Memebers of the Class of 1970

Michael and Elliott Steelman made substantial contributions in support of Class of 1970 tailgates at Army Navy games. They assisted in organizing and helping these tailgates which became well known throughout the class for being fun and well run. These attracted up to a hundred folks attending and will go down as highlights of class functions we enjoyed.

They brought outdoor fire pits which they used to build wood fires for the warmth and enjoyment of classmates and friends attending. They supplied the wood and maintained the fires despite extreme cold, snow and other poor weather. Their actions greatly contributed to the success and reputation these tailgates achieved and contributed to these well attended events.

Their support to our class was performed as sons of a well esteemed classmate, but that should not diminish their valued support to our class. They had other options they could have done, but they were there in the weather while many of us opted for the warmth of an RV.

Nominator Name:
Guy Knieriem

Updated: February 04, 2021
Curator: Ed Moore