USNA Cemetery Interment (Burial) and Inurnment Information

Those eligible for Interment (Burial) in the Naval Academy Cemetery are:

Those eligible to make a reservation for burial, in Section 17 of the Cemetery, are:

Individual lots in section 17 are not reserved in advance. They are assigned sequentially at the time of need. Nothing in these regulations will change or alter cemetery reservations and commitments made under previous regulations.

Those eligible for Inurnment in the Naval Academy Columbarium are:

USNA Procedures for Inurnment or Interment:

How to Contact the Memorial Affairs Coordinator:

USNA Columbarium Urns are Available from Signcraft Annapolis

Contact Signcraft (contact data below) or the USNA Alumni Association MAC about personally designing and ordering an urn. Many options are available. This is FYI only and not an endorsement.

Signcraft Annapolis (Click to go to Website)
212 Renard CT, Suite 0
Annapolis, MD 21401
(410) 268-2008
(410) 268-2270 (FAX)

Updated: February 07, 2021
Ed Moore