We are trying to reach all '70 classmates for our 50th Reunion.
The following classmates are not assigned to a company in either the USNAAA or our '70 databases. Please review and if you know what company anyone was originally assigned to, please inform Ed Moore via email ([email protected])

  1. Allison, Jones Ephraim
  2. Auxer, Richard Alan
  3. Baldwin, John Derouet
  4. Bender, Richard Lee
  5. Brady, John Lester
  6. Brown, William Franklin
  7. Dillon, Gary J
  8. Folsom, David Allen
  9. Fryer, Michael Dean
  10. Gove, Carleton Richard
  11. Gregory, James Randolph
  12. Harnett, Thomas Russell
  13. Heaney, John Joseph
  14. Horton, Keith Alan
  15. Ivy, Larry Neil
  16. Klein, Charles Howard
  17. Marlia, Joseph Anthony
  18. Meter, Patrick Michael
  19. Mullen, Michael Edward
  20. Petersen, William Lee
  21. Richards, George Kurt
  22. Senftleber, Albert Fred
  23. Smith, Kenneth Thomas
  24. Smith, Robert Benjamine
  25. Taudte, James Ernest
  26. Toombs, William Robert
  27. White, Lawrence
  28. Young, William James

Updated: August 30, 2019
Curator: Ed Moore