Henry Anthony Pyzdrowski, Jr. was appointed to the Naval Academy from Hopkins, MN in 1966. He arrived with visions of Navy Air in his head. This was soon to be replaced by US Marine green, which was a natural for him. He was the 16th Company Commander for the Fall and Spring sets and inspired those around him by his presence, bearing, and easy demeanor.

Hank went to the Marine Corps Basic School after graduation and commissioning as a 2nd Lieutenant. Following the Basic School, he went on to lead young marines in the infantry. His leadership was most evident while assigned as a Company Commander at the San Diego Marine Corps Recruiting Command.

Under his direction and inspiration, his new recruits were molded into top notch marines. His recruits were always designated as the Color Company, a feat that few can claim. Hank left San Diego and reported to Washington, DC, for duty at the Marine Barracks, also known as 8th & I. Despite the fact that he was about to make major, Hank elected to trade in his marine green for a business suit and tie, such that he could apply his abilities as a government defense contractor with Booz, Allen and Hamilton.

Hank was living in the Fairfax, VA area at the time of his passing on January 27, 1986. Funeral services were held in Hopkins, Minnesota, where his family laid him to rest. He would always liven up dinner when PJ Falten and Doc Breen were in the area. But, it is his calm, deep voice, heard for four years, telling each of us “we can make the grade”, that will always remain with us. Semper Fi, Hank.

Updated: November 06, 2018
Curator: Ed Moore