Jonathan Edward Paff was born in New York on July 22nd, 1948, to mother, Sylvia and father, George Paff. He is survived by his wife, Noelle, their two daughters, Katie (Anthony) and Kristen, six grandchildren: Jonah, Rory, Lucia, Silas, Mila and Marian, and his two sisters, Bonnie and Amy.

John was a man of many talents. He enrolled at the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, before attending Columbia University, and later graduating from Syracuse University Law School. His passion for law combined with his love for technology earned him several patents during his many years at Microsoft.

While he was always a proud New Yorker, he also warmly embraced his wife's Irish family and culture and considered it his adoptive home. He enjoyed a close relationship with his brothers and sisters in-law, and loved traditional Irish music, culture, and the beautiful countryside.

He also had many interests and hobbies: music and guitar, screenwriting and cheesy romantic comedies, all things Apple and technology...not to mention the never-ending puns and dad jokes. He was a self-professed political junkie, who closely followed the news and enjoyed watching election coverage as though it were the Super Bowl. He always loved books and the pursuit of knowledge - a passion he passed on to his girls.

Besides his guitars and gadgets, he wanted little besides quality time with his family, good coffee, and the occasional sweet treat. He loved special holiday gatherings and sitting down to festive meals with his loved ones, basking in the spirit of famibrly togetherness. He loved picking out the perfect gifts to make others smile and enjoyed giving far more than receiving. He was a gentle, kind man who made an impact on all those who interacted with him. He will be deeply missed by all who were lucky enough to know him.

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