Robert Edward “Bob” Yager was born January 31, 1949. His parents were Dr. J. Lewis and Mrs. Yager. His father was an Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Nebraska. Bob was a resident of Omaha, NE when he was designated a primary nominee to the United States Naval Academy by Representative Glenn Cunningham (R-Neb).

Bob entered the Naval Academy in June 1966 as a member of the Class of 1970. During Plebe summer, Bob had little problem with mastering the rigorous physical and mental requirements. He was often assigned as a platoon commander to march the platoon between classes and other events. When the Brigade returned for the 1966 – 67 academic year, Bob easily adjusted to the addition of academics to the burdens of Plebe Year. He did quite well in his studies and was awarded with the academic stars of a member of the Superintendent’s List. Bob also did well during “Youngster Cruise”, the summer following Plebe Year. Bob was seriously considering becoming a Marine when he returned home to Omaha, NE for the remainder of the summer.

Upon returning to Omaha, Bob could not just sit around and enjoy some “down time”, so he accepted a summer job with Trustin Manufacturing Company of Omaha, where he served as a delivery driver. Bob was returning from a delivery in Columbus, NE when he was involved in a single car accident just south of North Bend, NE on US Route 30. Witnesses stated that the Station Wagon Bob was driving, turned off the highway and went into a ditch where it overturned several times. Bob was thrown clear of the vehicle, but sadly was pronounced dead at the scene.

The funeral and memorial services were held in Omaha a few days later. He was laid to rest in the Beth El Cemetery in Omaha. Bob was survived by his parents. When his USNA classmates from the 35th Company returned to start their second academic year at the Academy, all were deeply saddened and shocked upon learning of Bob’s death. Everyone felt that Bob had great things in front of him, both while at the Academy and upon his commissioning in the Navy or Marine Corps. He is still missed.

Updated: November 21, 2018
Curator: Ed Moore