Kent Blythe ’70, Stan Weeks ’70 and Roy Golez ’70 had a get-together at the Manila Hotel to talk about old and present times and of course the future with so many complex geopolitical events unfolding, especially in the Asia Pacific area. Kent is a regular visitor in the Philippines where he can enjoy his passion for golf to the max, while honing his international lawyering expertise. Stan made a short visit to Manila to attend an international conference on the United Nations Law of the Sea Convention. Stan is a professor in the Naval War College and a regular participant and lecturer in maritime security conferences.  Roy served for six terms in the Philippine Congress and also as a cabinet member (national security adviser). At present, Roy focuses his energy on his advocacy to defend and promote Philippine interests in the South China Sea in the face of challenges coming from their big neighbour.

Updated: March 20, 2016
Curator: Ed Moore