Fred and Millie Eliot Designated Honorary Memebers of the Class of 1970

Fred and Millie Eliot were nominated as Honorary Members of the Class of 1970 by the 24th Company. The Eliot family hosted and supported 24th Company during their last two years at the Naval Academy. Their generosity, hospitality, and sponsorship remain fond memories of leave, liberty, and time away from Bancroft Hall. Their hosting began with The Class of 1969 and continued well after we graduated for other midshipmen.

The Eliot family and many of their Crofton, MD neighbors enriched our lives and were part of our maturation while midshipmen. All are remembered with this nomination. Fred Elliot still lives in their same house in Crofton, and close ties to the Eliot family continue today.

Their son, Fred, Jr, is a USNA graduate in the Class of 1977, lives in Crofton. Millie Eliot is deceased, though this recognition would be incomplete without her inclusion. She was peas to Fred’s carrots, true Blue to his Gold, and complemented this team of love and hospitality.

On July 21, 2021, the Eliot family, members, wives and, widows of the 24th Company, and three class officers had lunch at Killarney House in Davidsonville, MD to honor Fred and Mille Eliot as honorary classmates. Before a formal sponsorship program was established at the Naval Academy, the Eliots hosted many midshipmen from the class of 1969, and this hospitality, mentoring, and love continued for our classmates and other classes for many more years.

Attending the event were Fred Eliot (honoree), Fred Eliot, Jr’77, Lisa Eliot (wife), Jennifer (daughter), Ed Moore, Gino Marchetti, Lynn Widener (’70 class officers), and 24th Company members Suzanne Colbert, Dwight and Linda Denson, Bill and Marilyn King, Janet Malone, Carl Smith, Bob Viney, and Shelly Abrams.

Pictured above are Fred Eliot receiving the Honorary Membership Plaque from Ed Moore (Class President); Fred Eliot making acceptance remarks for Millie and himself; and members of the Class of 1970 present standing with Fred.

Nominator Names:
Bill King, Rod Anderson, Mike Aycock (Suzanne), Dwight Denson, Preston Rusch, Carl Smith, and Bob Viney

Updated: August 12, 2021
Curator: Ed Moore